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LOVE LEADERSHIP by John Hope Bryant is a "must read" for management, whether junior, senior or top managers.

It is easy to read, most enjoyable and the book contains many real life experiences which can be readily related to. A book you want to read a number of times.

Albert Ip
Managing Director of Investments, Private Banking and Investment Group, Pacific Rim, Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific) Ltd

In Love Leadership, John Hope Bryant shows us that leading with LOVE will lead to the greatest success for everyone involved.

Rhancha Connell

Actionable Books

First let me congratulate you on the success of your new book, "Love Leadership." I just finished watching your interview with Mr. Kibrick on KCLS, where I learned of you and your website.

After just now finishing reading about your organization, Operation Hope, whose primary goal is to foster financial literacy in our people. Kudo’s to you Mr. Bryant. It refreshing and exciting to see a man of my color using his education, talents, abilities to create a vision that gives more than he could ever received.

You stated during the interview, " The next thirty years are vital to the world's advancement in every area of humanity." I became spiritual aware of this fact about two months ago when I decided I needed to change my mind set, and from observing the prevailing wind of sentiment on the internet and other relevant mediums, that we can no longer afford to do business as usual.

Leaders must put values ahead of dollars, and the service of people ahead of the corporate bottom line.

I am on a journey to fulfill my vision of transforming the lives of 100,000 people from lives of addiction, depression, poverty, negativity and any thing that prevents them from living the life of their dreams.

I am not formally educated in the area of coaching, but what I do possess is the experience of overcoming drug addiction, alcohol dependence, cigarette addiction, self loathing, emotional and physical abuse and incest.

I want everyone to know when you can say simply, "I AM," your true purpose is to bring your fellow man to that realization.

In closing, to hear from you or receive an autograph copy of your book would be wonderful and eternally appreciated and valued, but just communicating my thanks for your vision is enough.

May God increase your success 1,000 fold.


No matter what your title or position, no matter if your leadership role is in the office, the classroom, the hospital, an airplane, a courtroom, or your home, there is a must-read book for all. This book stresses a new way to lead through the basic principle of love.

This book is a great leadership and management tool for every organization and household. The holidays are a blink away - consider purchasing copies for friends, family, and colleagues to start the new year off on a love leadership path! Proceeds benefit Operation HOPE, Inc.

With the business conditions today, what the author wrote is definitely true. Leadership that is based on fear will only get you so far with your followers. Fear based leadership sets up for failure, while leadership based on love is set to achieve only the highest goals. Today's business world needs very strong leaders, because there is so much more than just telling employees what to do. Fear-based organizations fail after a short-term success, while love leadership-based organizations strive as long as they are doing good. With the Global economy hurting as much as it is, leaders must do everything in their will to improve and move their organization forward.

David C. Wyld, Southeastern Louisiana University

John Hope Bryant is an incredible human being. His motivating, inspiring and persuasive spirit left a lasting impression on our group and undoubtedly on all the guest that attended the 2011 18th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Unity Breakfast in Decatur, AL. His message of hope, internal wealth and service to others created an excitement for our community that will have lasting benefits to all of us. The feedback we're receiving strongly suggests an extremely meaningful experience for all attendees. There have been multiple expressions of appreciation from all segments of our community regarding the event, the message and the messenger.

We had very ambitious financial needs and goals for this year. There was a disproportionate number of economically disadvantaged minority high school seniors that applied for educational assistance from our association that probably could not afford college without additional resources. John motivated our community to help reach and exceed the set goals beyond our expectations. In addition, John Hope Bryant saw our program and our need and personally committed funds to our association and confirmed for us all, who John Hope Bryant is.

John's message provided us with a snapshot of a united community, a view of the potential success that exists for us in our city and valuable information to motivated us to reach the goal of a truly united city, state and world. We will forever be grateful to John Hope Bryant for his visit to Decatur, AL.

Murphy Brown, Decatur Morgan County Minority Development Association

You just finished speaking today at the Kaplan University Leadership meeting; I felt compelled to drop you a note.

I wanted to convey that I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion. Very powerful, moving and relevant. I very much subscribe to the notion of "doing what's right" and your speech clearly made that point.

I now have in words what I knew to be true – "loss creates leaders".

So, just a note of thanks and also of admiration. I look forward to following your activities and perhaps one day involved in your cause.

Kaplan University Learning Center Executive

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I would like to express my appreciation for the time you took to meet with me and also to thank you for offering me your interesting book "Love Leadership" in which you share your personal experiences in management.

I read it and I was particularly impressed by the strong message you send to those who desire to be great leaders stating that the secret of success is the surpassing of oneself and self-abnegation for the sake of others. I remain convinced that the advice contained in your book will be of great interest to young Gabonese entrepreneurs.

I would therefore be happy to continue, whenever you find it suitable, the discussion we had in order to explore together partnership opportunities that might be developed between Gabon "Operation HOPE" the organization you founded.

Michael Mousssa-Adamon
Abassador of Gabon

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